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The Gemstone Jewellery Trend That Will Dominate The Market In 2023

By Marie Clarke
The Gemstone Jewellery Trend That Will Dominate The Market In 2023

Gemstones are beautiful, valuable, and rare. But how do you choose which ones to wear? Here are some tips for choosing the right handcrafted semi precious gemstone jewellery.

An Increase in Demand for Natural Stones

As people become more conscious of the environment, they are also becoming more interested in natural handcrafted semi precious gemstone jewellery. This trend has been growing steadily over the past few years. It’s no surprise that demand for natural stones will continue to rise in the future.

Crystal jewellery has been around for centuries, and there are many different types available today. Some are made of precious metals, while others are crafted from glass, plastic, or even wood.

Crystal jewellery is often associated with luxury and elegance. This is due to the fact that it was originally made using natural materials such as quartz, jasper, agate, and amethyst. These stones were then cut into shapes and polished until they became smooth and shiny.

If you’ve ever been curious about investing in crystal jewellery, there are several reasons why you should consider doing so. First, these pieces are beautiful. They come in a variety of colours and designs, making them perfect for any occasion. Second, they make you feel good. Many people who wear crystal jewellery report feeling calm and relaxed when they put it on. Third, they’re affordable too. These vibrant stones add a blast of colour that will catch the sunshine and capture everyone's attention.

Semi-Precious Stones

Semi-precious stones are not as expensive as precious stones but have enough value to be used in jewellery making. These stones include aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, garnet, opal (black), peridot, topaz (golden yellow) and turquoise (blue). Semi-precious stones may also be treated with heat or chemicals to improve their colour or clarity.

 What is crystal and gemstone jewellery for?

Crystal jewellery has long been coated with the spiritual side - worn as signs of protection; they hold spiritual and healing properties. Each crystal and gemstone promotes certain things.

Some gemstones have healing properties, others offer protection from evil, while others are simply considered beautiful.

The word 'gem' is derived from Latin word "geminus" which means twin or double. Gemstones were first discovered by humans when they noticed that some stones resembled other stones with some differences in colour or shape. The first gemstone was found in India at least 10000 years ago during the Harappan civilization period when they were used as ornaments by people living in this area. This was also the time when people started using gold as an ornament too along with gemstones because it was considered auspicious by them to wear both gold and gemstones together on their body parts like fingers, necklaces etc.,

Gemstones were used as a part of jewellery even before human beings existed on earth!

  • Amethyst crystal is the purple gemstone said to act as a natural tranquiliser
  • Rose Quartz is a healing stone and aids in breaking through emotional trauma and heartaches. Rose quartz is the stone of self love.
  • Clear Quartz Crystal is one the most widely-used and varied healing stones in all crystals. The master healer is recognised in the crystal world. 
  • Lapis Lazuli Chrystal jewellery open minds and give enlightenment to encourage self-awareness, confidence, knowledge, peace and compassion in daily life. 

We at Love Amber x have a number of designs with the trending stones above. If you cannot see a design you like with the stones you need then we can make it specially for you.

You must charge your crystals in sunlight or moonlight to keep them cleansed and in tip top condition. The sun can fade some stones so check if they are ok to leave in the sunshine first!

History of Crystals

The first recorded use of stones for personal decoration can be traced back to ancient Egypt around 3000 BC. The Egyptians were skilled craftsmen who used turquoise and red jasper as well as gold, silver and bronze to create jewellery. The ancient Greeks were also known for their use of gemstones in jewellery but it wasn't until the Roman Empire that large quantities of coloured gemstones were mined for use by soldiers as well as civilians.

Throughout Europe during medieval times, precious stones were often set into rings or other types of jewellery by craftsmen who were not highly skilled at cutting diamonds or shaping gems. Because they had little knowledge of how these stones should be cut or polished, they often left large amounts of material on them which could not be removed without damaging them or making them less valuable. The result was that many gems lost some of their brilliance because so much material was left on them after polishing.

Ancient Egyptians used bright precious stones and clear quartz in their jewellery. In Ancient Egypt, crystals were commonly used to bury the dead and in ritual services. According to some physicists, their energies helped them to discover the afterlife.

Even royalty such as Cleopatra surrounded herself with only the best gemstones that symbolised power and protection. Many crystal jewellery designs are inspired by ancient cultures and their jewellery pieces. Gemstones and crystals are timeless fashion pieces too and they go with every outfit!

Check out our natural gemstone collections to match every mood and outfit and adorn yourself with a little bit of history :-)




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