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Matchstick Monkey Teething Toys | Safe Silicone Chewable Teether

matchstick monkey baby teething toys

Pick Your Monkey!

Genuine Matchstick Monkey Baby Teething Toys

UK Authorised Retailer of innovative monkey baby teethers that are ergonomically designed to reach right to the source of the teething pain with bumps on the back of the head.
Teething trouble is a thing of the past with our range of teethers and luxurious fabrics. Great for comfort or to help apply the teething gel to troublesome gums. This was supported by Touker Suleyman from Dragons Den!
If you are looking for baby teething jewellery you can browse them and other toys in our teething section.
All our baby teething toys and silicone jewellery have been tested to comply with the UK and EU testing standards by the manufacturers.