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How to Make Anklets Smaller or Bigger | Love Amber x 2023

By Marie Clarke
How to Make Anklets Smaller or Bigger | Love Amber x 2023

I get lots of questions about this topic so I thought I may as well write this blog to help you out. This information comes from 7 years of working in the amber business and learning what works well and what doesn't. Below are my most useful tips for getting an amber anklet or bracelet to fit properly rather than going through the expense of returning and purchasing another. It takes up a lot of our time and yours. We always suggest to use our measuring guides on our website and I cannot stress how important that it.

Help! My child's anklet/bracelet is too big and keeps rolling off!

It won't be long until your little one grows and the anklet will be a perfect fit. In order to bridge that gap without returning, there are some things that you can do...

If you only have one anklet or bracelet you can cut the top off the child's sock and place it over the anklets to hold them in place. This will also stop the child pulling them or rolling it off as that will cause the safety feature to snap.

Our smallest child bracelet is 13cm for safety reasons.

cover anklets to prevent pulling or breaking

If both anklets you have purchased are too long, you can add both to the ankle but weave them - under and over as pictured.

entwine bigger amber teething anklet with smaller one

If really really big. You can use a small ribbon (Like the ones you find in the shoulders of your tops to hang them up). Attach the ribbon by knotting on one side. Add to the ankle, attach the other knot to the surplus and tie. Bingo!

How to make your amber teething anklet bracelet beads smaller

Image credit unknown.

Help my child's Baltic amber anklet is too small!

All our anklets are knotted/strung tight to prevent stretching or sagging.

When they arrive with you, there won't be much 'give' so they may appear slightly smaller than ordered. 

Measure tight on the ruler as that is how we measure them to mimic being worn. If they are 0.5/1.0 centimetres out, you can stretch them slightly.

Do not hold by the clasps while stretching as they will break off (safety clasps).

Find the knots in the middle and gradually tug on each one until the desired size is found. If that doesn't work, please return.

If you have upgraded from a smaller one to the next size up, then you can screw the old anklet to the new anklet and wrap around the ankle. Both pieces can then be worn rather than sitting in a memento box. This can also be done if you bought two sizes and one is too small and one is too big.

Please always use under supervision in case the items still fall off. If none of the tips work, you can still return/exchange by following the returns guide on our website. Always use safely and keep ribbons and small items away from small children.

What do I do with my child's old anklets, bracelets and necklaces?

You can screw them together and wear yourself.

You can pass along to a sibling or friend. Please check that the string has not frayed and that the amber resin is not cracked or damaged. Also, check the clasps to ensure that they are secure.

Sell them. As a trusted brand, our Love Amber x items still fetch good money on Ebay or Facebook marketplace. 

With good care, your amber will last a long long time....

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  • Alison

    I ordered my 1st grandson one of the bracelets a few years ago and have now placed another order for he’s little brother. My mum and myself also have one. the product is great and I do believe they work plus they look good too. The customer service is great and very helpful. I would recommend Loveamberx 100%

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