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All Love Amber x Jewellery Collection | Adults and Children

Full Love Amber x Jewellery Collection

Baltic Amber & Gemstone Designs

Full Love Amber x exclusive collection of Baltic amber beads and gemstone beads for adults and children. The children's items are often referred to as amber teething anklets, amber teething bracelets and amber teething necklaces. They are not called that anymore due to small parts as they are not for chewing or playing with. This change is due to the small size of the beads rather than the amber itself. Amber is for wearing not for chewing or playing with. Please measure correctly.
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All items include a 6-month warranty and a free gift bag. We are UK based so items are posted quickly via first class Royal Mail.
If you have any questions or cannot see the item design or size that you need then please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help. You can also view our FAQ page for further information.