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Love Amber x Children's Jewellery

Baltic Amber Anklets Necklaces and Bracelets Collection

Baltic amber and gemstone bead jewellery for boys and girls. Please measure carefully.

We have a huge range to choose from but don't let that put you off. They all have Baltic amber so you cannot go wrong. Go with the item that appeals the most. Matching adult items are available.

If you are unsure which item to choose please contact us on chat or send us a message. 

Gemstone collections are all signature designs by Love Amber x UK Ltd and are copyrighted to our registered brand. See why these cannot be called amber teething anklets, amber teething bracelets or amber teething necklaces in our blog. If you are looking for baby teething necklaces and baby teething bracelets for chewing, please see our Silicone teething collections.