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Childrens Baltic Amber Bracelets | Safety Knotted Beads.

Children's Knotted Amber Bead Bracelets

Baltic Amber Bracelets & Exclusive Gemstone Designs

The anklets can be worn on the wrist as a bracelet, depending on the sizes selected.
Please do not allow the child to chew on the amber beads as it is jewellery and not designed for the purpose of chewing by amber teething babies. All items contain Baltic amber beads. There's no right or wrong item. Choose the item that you prefer.
Polished Baltic amber is shiny and raw amber is dull in tone. All children's bracelets have knots between each and every bead to help prevent scattering. They are also fitted with a plastic screw clasp. We do not sell elasticated bracelets for children as they are lethal if they snap which can happen if pulled. See why these cannot be called amber teething anklets or amber teething bracelets anymore in our blog
Our knotted bead bracelets can also be worn as amber anklets. You just need to measure and choose the correct size for your child,