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The Best Big Baby Brands!

Our baby department is back! Brands include Gummee Glove, Gumigem, Mam, Nuby, Sleepytot, Cuski, Prince Lionheart and more. You can purchase all your baby goods and nursery gear here. Baby bottles, nappies, teething toys, baby teething necklaces, baby teething bracelets, baby comforters, blankets, activity toys and much more. We only stock the best brands so you can be sure that they are safe and compliant with all UK baby toys safety standards.

Please note these will be sent via our baby store and not with your amber jewellery. More items are added daily so please check back. Our store discount codes also apply to these items.

Gumigem Baby Teething Necklace Silicone Solid Heart Teething Necklaces Gumigem 27%
Pink Girls Gummee Glove Silicone Heart BABY Teething Ring Mitten Toy Gift UK Teething Toys Gummee
Gummee Glove Baby Teething Mitt Toy Unisex Turquoise Blue Teething Toys Gummee
Button Chew Teething Necklace Pendant by Gumigem Baby Jewellery Various UK Teething Necklaces Gumigem 27%
Gumigem Gemini Skimmers Hepburn Long Baby Teething Necklace Black White Chew Teething Necklaces Gumigem 41%
Gumigem Miller Heart Baby Teething Necklace Mum Wears Baby Chews Silicone Teething Necklaces Gumigem
Gummee Glove Chewable Yellow Baby Teething Mitten Silicone Purple Heart Ring Teething Toys Gummee
Bickiepegs Natural Teething Biscuits 9 Pack Teething Toys Bickiepegs
Gumigem Skimmers Grapevine Purple Pink Baby TEETHING NECKLACE chewable Silicone Teething Necklaces Gumigem 33%
Gumigem Bubba Beads Chewable Teething Necklace Jewellery Cranberry Red White Teething Necklaces Gumigem 41%
Gummee Link and Teethe set - Silicone teething links with shapes, teething solutions for your baby Teething Toys Gummee
Nuby Teethe Blanket Assorted Designs Teething Toys Nuby
Bandana Teething Bibs 2 Pack Boys Feeding Bibs Nuby
Bandana Teething Bibs 2 Pack Boys
Mam Bite and Relax Teether 2+ months Boys Colours Teething Toys MAM
Bug A Loop Teether Feeding Soothers and Teethers Nuby
Bug A Loop Teether