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Love Amber Teething Necklaces | How Do They Work?

Baby-safe non-toxic chewable silicone teething necklaces, teething bracelets, gloves and toys for babies to chew on, also known as chew beads. If you are looking for our amber jewellery or gemstones you can find them in our other departments.  If you wish to learn more about our products, there is a lot of useful information on our blogs or you can contact us to enquire about the best products which are better suited to you. 
Our three most popular teething toy brands are Gummee, Gumigem and Matchstick monkey. All are family-run UK businesses just like us and that is why we LOVE them too.
Gummee Glove Chewable Yellow Baby Teething Mitten Silicone Purple Heart Ring Teething Toys Gummee
Pink Girls Gummee Glove Silicone Heart BABY Teething Ring Mitten Toy Gift UK Teething Toys Gummee
Gummee Glove Baby Teething Mitt Toy Unisex Turquoise Blue Teething Toys Gummee
Gummee Link and Teethe set - Silicone teething links with shapes, teething solutions for your baby Teething Toys Gummee
Gummee Glove Molar Mallet Teething Toy Orange 12 24 Months Authorised UK Seller Teething Toys Gummee
Gummee Glove Plus Size 6 to 12 months Baby Teething Mitt Toy Turquoise Blue Unisex Silicone Teethers Gummee
Gumigem Baby Teething Necklace Silicone Solid Heart Teething Necklaces Gumigem 27%
Bickiepegs Natural Teething Biscuits 9 Pack Teething Toys Bickiepegs
Nuby Teethe Blanket Assorted Designs Teething Toys Nuby