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What's an amber teething anklet, teething bracelet or necklace? 2023

By Marie Clarke
What's an amber teething anklet, teething bracelet or necklace? 2023

What is an amber teething bracelet, amber teething anklet or baby teething necklace?

Where are they?

Woh! I have to stop you there and clear something up. 

Prior to 2013 Baltic amber jewellery started to become popular for use on babies for teething pain and was nicknamed amber baby teething jewellery beads. Baltic amber has always been around as jewellery for people and even pets!

So what happened in 2013?

Due to the jewellery name change, it had to be reclassified as a teething toy when it is not. There is no classification for amber jewellery and this was precautionary as a 'catch-all' change. As a toy, it has small parts and it is widely believed that it is likely that the baby will chew on the amber. Amber is a resin and is not to be chewed as it can shatter (hence the small parts warnings).

We at Love Amber x only sell jewellery for children and adults. We don't call this jewellery amber teething jewellery as it is not to be chewed as chewing is dangerous. You won't find our jewellery called or described as that on our website. We also cannot sell jewellery under 13cm long.

You can read more about the EU regulations on our other blog: Cannot be called Amber Teething Necklaces and Bracelets / Anklets (EU Labelling Requirements) 2019

But I have seen it called colic, reflux and amber teething bracelets on other sites?

If you have seen these marketed for babies and mentioning colic, reflux and teething or have pictures of babies and children under 3 wearing them then you are on an unregulated site and will most definitely not be a UK genuine brand. 

If you look at the address or contact details on the site (which under consumer protection regulations it should have) then you will see it is not a UK site. It will also make returning difficult and may take ages to get to you. Buyer beware. 

As always, please be careful using any jewellery. If using on a child over 3, please as always use under strict supervision.

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