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Parenting | Are You A Crunchy Mum, A Silky Mum Or A Scrunchie Mum?

By Marie Clarke
Parenting | Are You A Crunchy Mum, A Silky Mum Or A Scrunchie Mum?

Parents come in all shapes and sizes. They come with different flairs and quirks. All have their flaws and rough spots. No two parents are alike. But it seems, as of recently (according to social media), all parents fall into three ridiculous social categories. Crunchy, silky or scrunchie. Find out which (Social) parent you are with our guide below.

Silky mums are mothers who generally prefer a medicated hospital birth, disposable nappies, bottle-feeding or breastfeeding/expressing, cot sleeping, sleeping training techniques, use a pram and are pro-vaccination.

Crunchy mums usually choose the natural option instead of the mass-produced or medicated one. So that’s a natural (drug-free) home birth, placenta encapsulating, breastfeeding (not just for the 6 months recommended but until the child weans themselves), anti-vaccination, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, bed sharing, cloth nappies, attachment parenting, natural medicine, organic eating, and (sometimes) homeschooling or unschooling.

Scrunchy mums if you’re a bit of crunchy and silky, then apparently you’re a scrunchy mum - a term combining the two words, not a reference to your choice of hair bobble!

I don't think either side of the spectrum is more right than the other. Everyone parents in their own way. And all parents try to do what they think is best for their kids. If we had found a perfect way to parent, all of our kids would be the same and no one would ever argue. I have come across many arguments on social media from two opposing groups. It makes me sad as we should be helping each other as parenting is hard enough! In all honesty, I find these categories offensive and stereotypical. We co-slept with our son when he needed us most but he also slept in a cot! Does that make me a scrunchie? What do you think? Have you ever been called any of the above due to your parenting choices? Send in your comments below.

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