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Avoid Fake Gemstone Dealers. Know Your Gemstones & Crystals 2023

By Marie Clarke
Avoid Fake Gemstone Dealers. Know Your Gemstones & Crystals 2023

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Love Amber x was the first major UK retailer to experiment with gemstones and amber designs. In 2016 we set about designing our exclusive range of Baltic amber and gemstone jewellery. All designs are registered to us under our copyright. It took a long time to get the designs the way I wanted them and to find a source of genuine gemstone beads. There are so many imitation gemstones on the market and also dubious named 'gemstones' from Chinese bead suppliers. My beading team set about researching the sources of the best raw materials and genuine gemstones. We were sold beads that were said to be genuine but on inspection and testing, they were not. We only wanted to supply you the customer with genuine gemstone and crystal pieces. Finally, we found a legit supplier and sent all the beads off to be tested. We are happy to say that they were all certified as genuine. At last, we could supply you with our own genuine gemstone designs. We have only ever sold genuine Baltic amber and genuine gemstones. 

Since gemstone designs have become popular, many other retailers have jumped on the bandwagon. They have designed their own ranges which is all well and good, however, they are clearly using fake beads. We have seen so so many fakes during our research and design phase that they are easy to spot with the naked eye. Every time I see a new design appear on the internet I inspect it. It's amazing how many retailers do not know their stones or crystals, do not know about the properties and are happy to sell you glass or plastic for the same price as our genuine high-quality gemstone and Baltic amber pieces. This is in essence fraud as you are paying for what you believe is genuine amethyst for example when you are actually getting coloured glass that will do nothing.

Did you know that it is also dangerous to use fakes especially next to the skin as synthetic beads can contain other harmful chemicals and dyes? Rest assured, we have had our enhanced items such as agate tested for dangerous dyes and they are all clear. (certs on request). We have also had our gemstones tested as genuine (see sample below). Please always be careful not to get ripped off. Sellers will claim they are real gemstones when they are not. You need to know what to look for.

If you have any questions please send me an email.

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Genuine Amethyst Certificate Love Amber x Certified

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