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Baltic Amber Beads Safety Features and UK Laboratory Testing 2023

By Marie Clarke
Baltic Amber Beads Safety Features and UK Laboratory Testing 2023


What are the safety features of a Love Amber x amber necklace or amber anklet?

Safety Knotted

All our amber and our gemstone jewellery is made with safety in mind. Each bead is double-knotted before and after it so that if the item was to break then no beads will fall off or scatter. 

knotted beads

Bead Size

We never use large olive beads for our children's jewellery. Beads are on average smaller than 7mm and are 'baroque' shaped.

amber beads size

Plastic Screw Clasps

We do not use the metal clasps that are often seen on adjustable anklets. It can irritate skin and will not release under pressure. The screw clasps are made of plastic which will not irritate delicate skin. The clasps have been designed to snap under pressure so will release if pulling tight or caught on something. When it breaks the knot pops out of the clasps but all the beads will be kept in place by the double knots and will not scatter.

plastic screw clasps amber anklet

Polished Beads

All our beads are polished and rounded to prevent any sharp edges which can scratch delicate skin. 

rounded baltic amber beads

Lots of Sizes

We have lots of sizes available. Please ensure you measure and follow the safety guides. No necklace should be longer than a 2 finger gap nor should be able to reach the child's mouth. Our smallest child bracelet is 13cm for safety reasons.

amber necklace length

Our Jewellery Is Tested Here In The UK

UK safety tests are much more strict than EU safety tests. Many companies claim to have passed EU safety tests when they have not. If checked closely you will see they have only tested for the strength of clasps which is not the full range of tests.

Under the instruction of UK Trading Standards; we had our jewellery samples tested for dangerous chemicals here in the UK by an accredited lab and it has passed. We have also gone one step further and had the dyes on our enhanced agates and lapis lazuli tested to ensure its safety and that too has passed. Certificates can be viewed on request.

The lab is United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited to the ISO 17025 standard  ILAC and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Our items contain small parts and are not to be played with or chewed by babies and children under 3. For children over 3, always use under supervision and check regularly for wear and tear.


Genuine Baltic Amber and Gemstones

We do not use dangerous fake beads in our pieces. Our bead suppliers have tested samples of our batches using Fourier Transform Infrared IR Spectroscopy. This one of the true lab tests to determine if a sample is genuine Baltic amber or not.

Our main gemstones have also been lab-tested at the Gemstone laboratory for authenticity. Again, certificates can be seen on request.

We have used our products on our own son and ourselves.

lab cert amber teething anklet certificate Authenticity

Are your baby teething necklaces safe?

Our Gumigem baby teething necklaces are designed to be worn by an adult for a baby to interact with or chew. It is fitted with pop clasps that release if pulled and has a cord that can be cut to the correct length. Please note they should never be used by a baby on their own. It must always be worn by an adult and is not to be used for independent chewing. 

baby teething necklace

If you do have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me xx

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